Book Layout (IV)


Once the content was done, it was important to give as much thought to the outside of the book as to the inside. Indeed, the cover being what is first seen by the reader, it needed to be appealing and pleasant to the eye. The back cover and spine also needed to be designed. Experimenting with one of my drawings, I found a style that I really liked for the cover.

Book template portrait

However I wanted the work to be exclusively made by me, background included. Initially the cover had been made with a portrait format in mind. The title was hiding the donkey’s ears and would have needed amending had I chosen this format.

I kept the colour scheme and the drawing, and tried a different approach. The finished cover is as follows:

Front Cover

For the back cover, I had a few possibilities. Either, I could have written a short synopsis, the final quote of the tale of Donkey Skin (this particular quote can actually be found on the last page of the book) or another drawing. I didn’t want to give too much away on the cover, therefore, I wasn’t too keen on putting another one of my drawings.

For the front cover, I had had an idea which included a donkey’s eye and the princess reflected inside. However, I had dismissed the idea, preferring the chosen drawing instead. When looking at possible designs for the back cover, I decided to explore this idea once more. The artwork is a mixture of a photograph and a drawing. The eye is actually a photo taken by me, of the family horse. With a little editing on photoshop, it was made to look like a donkey’s eye. I then added one of my pencil sketches inside the eye.

Back Cover

The artwork is strong enough to support the back cover without having any additional words written on it.


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