Book Layout (III)

I had initially decided on doing the book at A4 format. However, looking at other works, I realised that perhaps, a bigger format would be better to show the drawings. I tried printing a few pages in A3 but on the contrary, the format was much too big. It did not look like a professional book – it felt more like a portfolio.

After further research, I decided to use a slightly larger format than A4. Although I had decided on having the page set up as portrait, I went back to the landscape format. The size would have been 24cm by 30,5cm. Unfortunately, because the format was bigger than A4, the cost of the book would have been that of an A3 project containing 150 pages. The cost being too high, I went back to looking at A4. The layout of the pages were already determined and having 3cm less for the height was not as big a problem as I had feared. The drawings done in portrait needed to be shrunk but the landscape drawings fit the pages perfectly. Indeed, it would have been nice to see the work on a slightly wider format, but the A4 format enabled me to have a hard cover book printed at an affordable price.

Here are a few of the finished pages:

Page 2 Page 3

Page 4 Page 5

Page 10 Page 11

Page 15 Page 20

Page 22 Page 25

Page 28 Page 29

Page 30 Page 31

Page 56 Page 57

Page 70 Page 71


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