Sci-fi Adaptation (IV)

As with the space station, I wanted the costumes to be bright and to give life to the metal structure of the environment. It was also a way to contrast with the vast emptiness of outer space. The clothes should look futuristic, with elements from today’s fashion. However, I wanted to have a go at incorporating older period features to a modern outfit, to give it the fairy tale touch needed to remind the audience of the origins of the story.

The period elements I decided to use would date back to the Rococo era. I incorporated Rococo patterns to parts of the Princess’ costume. I tried to keep it subtle so that the costume is still believable as a futuristic outfit.

Page 147

For the hairstyle, I had the idea of having a strange hair cut combining long and short strands of hair. Why not also add a bit of colour? It is such a fashionable thing to do nowadays – to change hair colour. After sketching the character, I decided that adding a strange headdress would complete the overall look perfectly.


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