Sci-fi Adaptation (III)

With the space station’s design in mind, I also sketched several possible looks for space ships that would come and go from the landing platforms. I wanted the space station to be constantly animated by ships arriving and departing. However, I wanted the ships to follow a particular design that would make them look as if they were meant to fit on the platforms – a sort of completion for the design.

Image numérisée-3

I looked at fish and other sea creatures for a streamlined organic look. The ships wouldn’t just fly through space, they would move in a flowing manner that makes them look almost alive.

Image numérisée-1

These ships would be recognised as being friendly visitors. Hence, when the audience suddenly spot a space ship different to these, they immediately know that the visiting ship is not from around here. Is it lost? Are they only passing through? But more importantly, are they friend or foe?


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