Sci-fi Adaptation (II)

Before achieving the final design for the space station, I explored the idea of having it partly built on a meteor. I thought that it could be interesting to mix organic shapes with man-made features.

meteor station

I tried to imagine an original shape for the meteor by looking at different things, mainly, the human skeleton. The skull is interesting because it has many different aspects. However, it is always a little unsettling to look at. I tried to imagine a space station built on a meteor which would overall look like a human skull.

Image numérisée-5

With arches derived from teeth and a labyrinth of buildings in the eye socket, I thought that it could end up working well. While I liked the idea, I decided to got back to my previous one, finding the skull too distressing for a fairy tale adaptation. Perhaps it could still be used as the lair of dangerous alien life-forms seeking to destroy human kind?


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