Sci-fi Adaptation (I)

The main genres that I wanted to explore included the fantasy genre, historical fiction and Film Noir. I also wished to look into science fiction, and explore the possibilities that this genre gave for a fairy tale adaptation.

There were different possibilities for a futuristic adaptation. A story set in a post apocalyptic future was one of them. However, I did not want to look into this too much as it has already been done before. I can cite A.I (2001) which was similar to the tale of Pinocchio.

Therefore, I decided to explore the possibility of setting Donkey Skin in a distant future where space is no longer unreachable, and where it is possible to live in outer space.

With the many sci-fi films released every year, it was a daunting task to imagine a scenery that had not been done before. I began by sketching ideas. Through the many sketches I did, I eventually found a design that I decided to further develop.

Space Stations

The space station’s design is about having curves instead of straight hard edges. It may seem like a strange decision for a futuristic style but that is where its originality lies. With a shape similar to the moon’s, I imagined the buildings to be made out of a bright yellow metal, with domes and round landing platforms.

Space Stations blog

This is the equivalent of Donkey Skin’s kingdom. The space station would be divided between the upper and lower towns. The bigger and richer buildings would be located on top, in the upper town, overlooking the energy source. This is where the equivalent of the castle is located.

WORLEY. A., 2005. Empires of the Imagination: A Critical Survey of Fantasy Cinema from George Melies to the Lord of the Rings, McFarland & Company


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