Book Layout (I)

For the past weeks, I have been looking into book layout and design in order to have a more global view of my project and analyse what’s missing and what I can improve. However I was quite surprised to find that creating a book not only visually attractive but also with a certain harmony and identity is quite a challenge.

Last Tuesday, my supervisor Deborah Kerby’s brother David Kerby kindly offered to meet me and discuss my book and its layout. This being his job, the tutorial was extremely enlightening and helpful in learning more about layout and composition. Talking to a professional helped me in understanding how to assemble my work so that the finished piece is not just another portfolio but rather a finished book.

He had an idea about beginning the book with a small paragraph about Charles Perrault, in order to explain to the reader who was the author of the fairy tale that I am about to discuss. It is a way to inform but it’s also a little homage to a very famous French author.

With a hand drawn portrait of Charles Perrault and a small paragraph about his famous work, here is what I ended up with:

Page 3c 150jpg

Looking at the page again, I realise that perhaps it would be better to have ‘Charles Perrault (1628-1703)‘ as a title so as not to confuse the reader with the paragraph (or at least leave a blank line between his name and the beginning of the short paragraph).


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