The Film Noir Genre – Donkey Skin’s Family Residence (I)

1940s New York – Perhaps there are no more kingdoms and princesses however there are still wealthy families with houses as beautiful as fairy tale castles. Researching buildings in New York already present in the 1940s, I found many examples of infrastructures featuring gothic revival architecture. Art Deco is also a key feature of buildings dating back to that period however, they were more recent, probably built in the 20s/30s. Gothic revival was used in several buildings dating back to the 19th century. It is the case with the Jefferson Market Library. Originally a fire lookout tower built in 1833, the building as it is nowadays was finished around 1877 and was used as a courthouse.

The following sketch made with graphite pencils gave me ideas of the style Donkey Skin’s family mansion could perhaps have:

Jefferson library

The Jefferson Market Library

Therefore, following the research I did on buildings in New York, I sketched different possible buildings in the same style as the Jefferson Market Library. These were all made in photoshop. I have been trying to get faster at digital sketching:

film Noir castle


film Noir castle 2

Film Noir Castle 3

I was initially happy with the first design, but decided to continue exploring other options. In the end, I  decided to concentrate on the last design shown above that I can more easily picture as a rich family home.


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