The Fantasy Genre – The Castle Design II

Designing the Stained Glass Windows of the Throne Room

Although I am currently researching the film noir genre, I have gone back to look at my previous designs I did for the fantasy genre. I wanted to deepen the work for that genre and in particular, the design for the princess’s castle.

I then decided to design the stained glass windows that can be seen in the throne or ball room. The idea was to have a go at designing and representing a stained glass window in photoshop, something I had never done before.

I first imagined different designs and thought about what could be represented on these windows.

The King is such a powerful and admired character in the original tale that it was easy to imagine his imposing persona represented on the windows of his throne room. His most priced possession – and the reason for his wealth – is his donkey that produces gold and diamonds. Hence I represented these on two of the stained glass window sketches I did below:


Vitrail Recherche 1

Vitrail Recherche 2

The princess should also be represented; initially, before the death of his wife and his descent into madness, his daughter was his pride and joy.

I also thought about the symbols of the three dresses that I thought could be incorporated in the windows’ designs as a foreshadowing of things to come (the sun, the moon and the sky).

The fairy godmother was designed as a spirit of the forest and while drawing these windows, I started thinking about the sorts of divinities that the people inhabiting this fantasy land could believe in. Perhaps they believe in different multiple gods like the Greeks and Egyptians, as well as in spirits and magical creatures. So perhaps the fairy godmother could also be represented on the windows, as a figure of power to be worshipped. However, because she remains mystical and doesn’t appear to everyone, there could be a certain misconception of her; and so, her representation in the arts is slightly different to what she really looks like when the princess seeks her out.

Finally, another design I thought about was that of the seer that, in the original tale, the king seeks out. The seer could be represented as well as the four demands that the princess makes. However these could take on the form of symbols so as to keep the design abstract, like the prophecies often are.


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