The Historical Genre – An 11th century street in Jerusalem (IV)

Following up on the previous posts about designing an 11th century street of Jerusalem, I decided to put the design into context and try to draw a visual which could illustrate the battle scene during the sack of Jerusalem. I have also been working on a technical drawing that I will post on here soon. This, as well as the SketchUp model shown previously, has helped me come up with an illustration that I was hoping would convey the feel of the adaptation. It depicts the war therefore the atmosphere should be dark and unsettling.

Assault in Jerusalem Sketch 150dpiQuick sketch of the street during the night assault on Jerusalem.

I went on to do a proper rendered visual with photoshop. I have been experimenting with custom brushes and textures a lot in this drawing, as well as the different layer modes available in photoshop.

The Sacking of Jerusalem 1 150dpi

I then went on to experiment with the hue and saturation filters. I must admit that I particularly like the feel of the top drawing:

The Sacking of Jerusalem 3 150dpi The Sacking of Jerusalem RED 150dpi


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