Character Design for the Historical Adaptation – Donkey Skin (I)

The first thing I wanted to design was the protagonist’s classic outfit. Much like when I designed for the fantasy genre, I thought that it would serve as a basis for her disguise (which I am still in the process of designing). The main character’s family lives in Constantinople, therefore the fashion would be inspired by that of the Byzantine period. It is very interesting to look at the sort of clothing they could have worn as these are original and quite unusual. With elements from roman fashion, this middle eastern style is, in my opinion, perfectly fit for characters of a fairy tale adaptation. There is a sort of ‘thousand and one nights’ vibe that brings magic into a story that is supposed to be set in our world.

So here are some of the designs I have come up with. I looked at the way her hair could be styled, at the use of patterns, and overall the design of her attire. I think the first blue outfit could be used as one of the three dresses requested by the princess, as it is quite luxurious. The second one seemed to fit better her personality. It is more practical and could definitely serve as the basis for her Donkey Skin disguise.

Also, in this adaptation, the main character isn’t a princess but she comes from a very wealthy family.

Peau d'Ane Constantinople 1 150 dpi


Donkey Skin Constantinople 1 150 dpi
Peau d'Ane Constantinople 2 150dpi


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