The Historical Genre – An 11th century street in Jerusalem (III)

With the help of the google SketchUp model I made earlier, I then used photoshop to try and render a possible design for a street in Jerusalem. This helps to show the way the set could be dressed:

Street of Jerusalem doodle 2.b 150dpi


I have also done a small drawing elevation with photoshop of one of the elements that could be added to the street: a small wooden bridge/house that links two buildings. It is supposed to be quite crooked and look slightly unreal, as I would like to bring some fairy tale elements into the real world.

Jerusalem street bridge sketch 150dpi


Although the adaptation is meant to be set in the real world, the story is still a fairy tale. Therefore, there needs to be elements that hint to the audience that something magical is occurring on screen, all the while keeping it mysterious and subtle.


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