The Historical Genre – An 11th century street in Jerusalem (I)

Continuing with my previous research on a possible design solution for a street of Jerusalem of the 11th century, I have been sketching out some of my ideas. Then, I went on to make a model, which has helped me visualise the set in 3D. I hope to do a technical drawing very soon in order to show exactly what would need to be built.

The street would probably be used twice, in very different ways. It could be seen during daytime, when the many stalls are opened, and people animate the colourful streets. Then, the street could be used during the battle scene, when the crusaders attack Jerusalem. The setting would be the same but dressed differently, with broken doors and stalls, and many casualties lying on the ground. I want to explore designing for a historical adaptation that would be rated restricted to a certain extent. Therefore it can be quite dark and realistic when it comes to depicting war and conflict.


Dome in Spain 150 dpi
Great Mosque of Damascus



Street of Le Caire 150 dpi
A street view in Le Caire


Street plan view 150 dpi


The next couple of images are quick sketches made with photoshop that were meant to give an idea of the way the street would be laid out:

sketch street of Jerusalem 150dpi

sketch street of Jerusalem 2 150dpi




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