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Contemporary Art/Playing it “too safe”

After my interim presentation for module 2, I got a lot of interesting feedback. Certain comments have been helpful in thinking about the final project and what it would include. Initially, I wanted to design for three or four main genres. However, to make the project more interesting and complete, I will probably be exploring more genres, but with less designs for each genre. This will enable me to compare and explore the different ways of interpreting the same script.

I also had some comments concerning my drawings (in particular their style I believe) that were deemed ‘too safe’. The style of the drawings seemed to remind my peers of the sort of illustration that would be found in children’s books; they did not convey the darker side of fairy tales that are sometimes present in new film adaptations nowadays. The fantasy genre I am design for, was originally planned to be rated U or PG. Therefore, the target audience are children and adults alike, however the adaptation may be more appealing to young adults. Hence, the characters weren’t supposed to be too dark. Also, because they are meant to be used by professionals from the film and TV industry, these drawings are supposed to be quite explicit and clear when it comes to conveying the design.

However, I liked the idea of trying out a different style to make the characters look much darker. In addition to looking at different genres, I could perhaps also try to adapt the tale of Donkey Skin for the same genre but aimed at different target audiences.

I was also advised to look at what is happening in the art world nowadays. After a bit of research, I looked at the different ways artists painted portraits or sceneries as well as the sorts of colours they used in contemporary art.

So, I played around with my graphics tablet. Inspired by the previous designs for the fairy godmother (small elements have been altered), I tried to draw her in a darker and more mysterious way. This has also enabled me to explore painting on a black background instead of a white one. It’s interesting, and I might explore it further in future drawings. I also experimented with colours, which are supposed to make the drawing look more surreal.

Dark fairy godmother? contemporary art 2 150dpi

I am experimenting and discovering new ways of painting in Photoshop.




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