Into the Woods (2014) (I)

This musical by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim sees various fairy tale characters interacting together in a sort of crossover of the fantasy genre.

A film adaptation by Rob Marshall is due to come out on the 25th of December. A few days ago, a new trailer was released giving a little more insight on the film.

Musicals have always been popular; it is a genre that has lasted throughout decades and still enchants the audience nowadays. For years now, musicals have been adapted into films which feature all the same music as in the original scripts, sometimes entirely truthful to the story and other times, differing to a certain extent. I could take for example the musicals Les Misérables and Hair. While the Les Misérables film (2012) was completely truthful to the original musical script, it wasn’t the case for the film Hair (1979), which strayed very far away from the initial musical. However that being said, it doesn’t mean the message was any less significant.

While Fairy Tales were never particularly associated with the musical genre before, it somehow became so with Disney’s re-adaptations, which usually feature songs sung by the protagonist, the villain, as well as the hero’s companions. And while some fairy tale films have featured sung music in the past, I don’t recall ever seeing an actual fairy tale musical. Therefore I am quite excited to discover what this film is going to be about, how the characters are going to interact, and see if the film follows the latest trend of updated fairy tales. From the trailer, I believe that the characters may be more realist and less of the dreamers that they are in the original tales. That sentence Cinderella says about living in a castle and marrying a prince: “it’s not quite what I expected” is a possible example. It is, however, dangerous to come to these conclusions with statements taken out of context; therefore, we’ll just have to wait and see when December comes.


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