A Storyboard Artist Job

For the past three months and a half, I worked as a storyboard artist for a feature length animation. I received the offer in June and, having just finished the work, will now concentrate on my MA.

The job has been really interesting. I had never had the chance of working on an animation before, and I found it is a lot fun. However it was a very time consuming job. Being the only story board artist gave me some freedom as well as responsibilities. During these past months, I have drawn over 2500 frames for a 112 pages-long script.

Because I feel more comfortable drawing traditionally, I decided giving the graphics tablet a go. This opportunity has been really beneficial in helping me to improve my digital drawing skills. Although it was more about quickly drawing characters, I have discovered several tools I had never used before in photoshop, as well as gained confidence drawing on a screen rather than on paper.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and hope that the work I have produced will not only be useful for the production but also, will have helped me to improve the quality of my digitally drawn visuals and characters.


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